Frequently Answered Questions (FAQS)

Get all your questions on kitchen design makeovers answered by our certified kitchen designers, who will also guide you from planning to final installation.

1.) Are your granite materials made of acrylic or plastic?

Our materials are made of 95% natural granite stone. The remaining 5% accounts for the synthetic resign that gives the stone a non-porous surface, which means no amount of liquid could get through the surface. Although acrylic and plastic materials come way cheaper and can easily be moulded in different shapes, they are very much susceptible to unsightly scratches. We’ve always believed in excellent quality and genuine craftsmanship. We can’t be too confident to give you 10-YEAR WARRANTY if we used these substandard materials!

2.) How long will the granite installation take?

It takes only ONE DAY to install these granite stones to your home or commercial space, with minimal to no disruptions to your daily routine.

3.) Where all the cutting process take place?

We understand how you want to avoid any intrusion of your living space, so we do the cutting in our own workspace. We will only start to work in your kitchen area during the installation stage.

4.) I have delicate fixtures and pieces of furniture in or near my kitchen. Will you guarantee that none of these will be scratched or damaged?

Before we start the installation of granite slabs, we first cover the floor with drop sheets. We also cover each piece of furniture with plastic to keep dust away. Also, we ensure precise planning and installation so as not to accidentally touch any of the delicate fixtures around.

In our almost 30 years of renovating kitchen designs, we have never encountered mishaps or accidents that resulted in broken items inside our client’s living space. And that remains as one of our strongest selling points.

5.) I know I can still be too paranoid about my furniture. What if some unexpected accident does happen?

Even if we’ve never experienced breaking items during installation, we anticipate our customers’ concerns and worries. The good new is we’ve already addressed them long before! We’ve got everything covered with our third-party insurance – just to be 101% sure that all your items are safe and covered just in case accidents happen.

But trust us, for 28 years in this business, we’ve never had a single case, so why would it happen to you?


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