splashbackSAY GOODBYE to those unsightly soap stains, grease and water splashes with Granite Splashbacks. Forget about tiles that easily crack, wear off, and eventually chip and lose their luster after a few months or years. The Granite splashback finish requires minimal work to maintain, plus without having any grout to clean between tiles, glass splashbacks are actually very hygienic.

Our 10-YEAR WARRANTY means we’re confident that your splashbacks will surely last for a very long time. Our splashbacks will definitely add that designer touch to your home, be it in your kitchen laundry or bathroom. The use is only limited by your imagination. Indeed, granite splashbacks are the new and exciting alternative to tiles and a redesigned to add a modern design to any kitchen.

What We Offer

We create your Granite splashback to suit your existing kitchen including your power points, taps, and other permanent fixtures. We can match any colour decor to compliment your walls, bench tops or cupboards.

Why Install Splashbacks?

We create your Granite splashback to suit your existing kitchen including your power points, taps, and other permanent fixtures. We can match any colour decor to compliment your walls, bench tops or cupboards.

Why Install Splashbacks?

We all know how water can cause unsightly soap stains, grease, moulds, mildew and eventually, diminished structural integrity to your kitchen walls. These problems will result not only in an unsightly kitchen space, but also hefty kitchen renovation costs especially when the concrete wall itself gets damaged from constant water penetration over time. To help save you from those unexpected costs, use splashbacks instead!

But here’s the good news! Our kitchen designers can finally solve all these woes with granite kitchen splashbacks.

How essential are Kitchen Splashbacks?

From food preparation to dishwashing, splashes of water, soap stains and grease build-up have always been an annoying problem around worktops and kitchen sinks, not to mention the adjacent wall’s constant exposure to moisture. Thus, we recommend the kitchen splashback, a permanent kitchen fixture attached to the walls near the sink to protect the underlying structure from moisture damage and stains.

You can place them next to sinks, bathtubs and stovetops to keep water or grease away from your delicate concrete walls. Splashbacks come in non-porous and smooth materials, which mean drops of water and grease that accidentally hit the surface are not absorbed by the material, making it easier for you to wipe the surfaces clean. In short, not only will splashbacks enhance your kitchen design, but will also provide easier maintenance and clean-ups around the working area.

With splashbacks added to your classic or contemporary kitchen space, you would do away with the smell of rotten grease and all the eyesores caused by soap stains and mould.

What’s The Best Material for Kitchen Splashbacks?

While some kitchen splashbacks may come in glass, tiles, quartz or acrylic, granite materials prove to be the most aesthetically appealing choice because of their naturally beautiful colours and patterns.

Granite splashbacks are a part of our kitchen design ideas. In fact, the addition of these splashbacks can still keep kitchen renovation costs at a minimum because installing them is easy and inexpensive. But perhaps the greatest advantage of using granite is its natural strength, quality and durability.

Compared with concrete, granite materials are less porous, which means moisture does not penetrate down from the surface, leaving your base wall protected and, in turn, structurally sound for a very long time. When it comes to aesthetics, our granite surfaces are resistant to scratch, heat and stains. In other words, they are excellent not only for your splashbacks, but also for your benchtops, walls, floors and even the bathroom.

What We Guarantee

Just how confident are we with our granite splashbacks? We offer you LIFETIME WARRANTY with all our granite splashbacks, giving you peace of mind and the assurance that you’ll have these in your kitchen space for a very, very long time. Unlike other kitchen designers, we do not use acrylic, which looks exactly like real granite but eventually scratches, chips or cracks.

Let our excellent, time-tested and reliable craftsmanship and expertise transform your splashbacks – even your entire kitchen – into your dream kitchen makeover. Call us or visit our showroom today!

Call us now and we’ll install these granite splashbacks to your kitchen walls in no time. We guarantee minimal disruption within your living space because we do the measurement and cutting of the materials outside. We also ensure that the surrounding fixtures in your kitchen remain untouched. Again, we offer LIFETIME WARRANTY on all our granite products. How much better could that get?

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