The Process

HERE’S HOW to get that dream kitchen design makeover with just A FEW SIMPLE STEPS. Call us or visit our showroom now to get started.

#1 Plan

WE HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED — from the kitchen design to any granite colour you could imagine. Tell us what you want and we’ll show you how this can be easily and quickly done. Check our gallery and pick which pattern you like, or visit our showroom and see more samples of our work to provide you some renovation ideas for your kitchen or corporate office.

We can offer an OBLIGATION – FREE VISIT, whenever and wherever you want.

We’ll visit your location, measure up the kitchen or corporate area, and provide you an initial quotation. Then we’ll do a detailed working drawing of what you have in mind, and if you’re absolutely happy with it, we should go to the second step.

#2 Production

WE DO ALL THE WORK FOR YOU at this stage. Here, we finalise the materials, covers, handles and all the fine details you want to achieve for your kitchen design. This is where we do some adjustments, corrections and minor redesigns if you wish to add or modify the initial plan according to the drawing we presented.

We import the stone you choose from Sydney and physically inspect the slab of stone to make sure there are no imperfections in it prior to cutting it so it’s all clean. After that, we use a flatbed-type cutting trailer to cut our stone with the exact size, ensuring they’re all square or if they’re not square, we’ll make it fit. Once we clean the stone, we precision-cut it into specific sizes to make the stones fit to your existing walls.

It’s all the technicalities down from there. You won’t have to lift a finger because we’re here to make your life easier!

#3: Installation

WATCH US DO WONDERS in your kitchen as we do all the installation for you — in JUST ONE DAY and without seriously interrupting your routine.

After cleaning the pre-cut slab, we bring them straight to your home and install them. The stones are actually glued down with a two-pack epoxy adhesive. We basically glue the horizontal surface first. We cut the edges with a 45-degree angle to fit them with the other cutouts. Depending on the size of the bench tops, sometimes we get to put strips between the front and back behind the plate or sink.

Alternatively, we just cut one slab of stone depending on the size of the board. We then fit the front edge, which is on to the existing bench top or in a new home situation, a new topper. We will cut with 45-degree angle and then we diamond polish the edges. A two-pack epoxy resin is needed to fill the back of the stone. By the time we finish working with the top, we take care of the invisible joints. So, that gives you the illusion of a 40-, 50-, or 80-millimeter thick or high depending on where you look at it.

The end result is a whole new kitchen space that looks nothing like the old one — all in just one day!

Give Your Kitchen a Fresh, New Look Now!

WE GUARANTEE YOU that our finished installations will always leave you impressed with the quality and excellence of our craftsmanship. Kitchen design makeovers have never been this efficient, quick and easy to install. In just three weeks, you’ll have a kitchen space with a completely new look and feel.

They Don’t Call Us the Best for Nothing!

Watch how Jim, one of our clients, puts a smile in his face as he shares with me just how happy he is with his new granite benchtops. He didn’t mind the price at all. Our top-quality granite benchtops and our excellent craftsmanship are all worth it! After all, our 10-year warranty is simply far beyond compare.


Here’s the real deal. We’ll give you 10-year warranty on your granite kitchen renovations. Whatever that parts are — benchtops, walls or floors — that’s 100% guarantee for as long as you keep in mind these easy, commonsense conditions. Watch the video below as we explain what our warranty covers.


Our LIFETIME WARRANTY will surely add to your peace of mind because with us, you got yourself secured in terms of top-rated quality and excellence.

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