Walls and Floors

WHY SETTLE for blandly painted walls and boring floor tiles? We can give you the best looking granite stones that will surely stay shiny and new for years and years!


PUT AN END to that dull and plain paint finishes that will fade, peel and require constant retouches. And make no mistake of choosing other sub-quality materials when you can have naturally and beautifully patterned granite stones right on your walls. That’s right. Add thousands of dollars worth of value to your home by simply making it look more unique and elegant.


While traditional tiles look more unsightly with their dirt-prone grids, and carpet floors easily hide allergens and soaked-up dirt, a granite floor can easily outshine them with its natural colours and patterns, with surfaces that are stain-resistant scratch-resistant.

Whether you plan to do a complete kitchen design makeover or remodel your commercial space, granite walls and floors can significantly add value to your home with their naturally elegant and luxurious appearance.

But the benefits just don’t stop there. Here are more reasons to switch to granite now!

  • A combination of colours and patterns with different cuts mean almost unlimited designs for your walls and floors.
  • Durable and can be repolished when scratched. Very easy on maintenance. The shiny surfaces make it easy for wiping and cleaning.
  • Granite materials are hygienic. Unlike carpets, they do not harbour bacteria, pollens, dust, dirt and other allergens.
  • Granite materials are very durable and can withstand constant pounding and pressure. So, even in high-traffic hallways and offices, they are the most ideal floorings because of their top-rated strength and durability.
  • When granite is used for walls and floors, an increase in perceived property value will potentially give you big returns on your investment.

Initial Expense Vs. 10-Year Warranty

WOULD YOU RISK losing your minimal investment down the drain with cheap concrete or acrylic materials? Or would you rather spend a little more on Granite stones — which are quite pricier — and reap the full benefits of their scratch-resistant, water-resistant, stain-resistant properties for many years? Granite stones retain their lustre for many years, and we can guarantee you that!

No kitchen design specialist will ever offer long-term warranties on cheap floor and wall tiles. We, however, can offer you a 10-YEAR WARRANTY! Yes, that’s how excellent our granite products are for your kitchen and commercial space makeovers and renovations. Do the math and you’ll see how only our products can give you true value for your money.

Minimal Disruption

During installation, we do most of the measurements and cutting outside the area and, in commercial office spaces, outside regular office hours. So, there is minimal disruption of your daily routine. And we guarantee ZERO DAMAGE to your existing fixtures or furniture. After all, we are kitchen and commercials design specialists – professionals who know the craft for more than 28 years in the industry.

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Call us now and we’ll install these granite splashbacks to your kitchen walls in no time. We guarantee minimal disruption within your living space because we do the measurement and cutting of the materials outside. We also ensure that the surrounding fixtures in your kitchen remain untouched. Again, we offer LIFETIME WARRANTY on all our granite products.

How much better could that get?
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